How to Commission

  •  Follow on Twitter for up-to-date commission openings! 

  • If you have a question or want to get a quote, please e-mail with your name/online alias and your commission type (if applicable) in the subject line. Example: @betsythebeaver Model Sheet Commission?

  • Once payment is processed, I'll add your commission to a card in my Trello commission queue! 

  • Bookmark that page for your status. I will send all WIPs to your e-mail for approval.

  • Once the commission is complete I will send you all the requested files and move your Trello card to DONE.


  • I do not offer post-completion refunds under any circumstances. I will only refund work not completed. If you need to cancel your commission please e-mail to discuss processing your refund.

  • I reserve the right to cancel a commission on my end at any time. Generally this will only happen if a client is intrusive, abusive, rude, and overall unpleasant to work with. I pretty much have an "open-door" policy as well as being flexible and willing to accept "in good faith" arrangements. Once that leniency is abused, said client will be blacklisted.  

  • Please check your Trello card before asking for an update.    

Turn-Around Times

  • Turn-around time is dependent on circumstances, queue size, nature and involvement of projects, etc.

  • My average turn-around for most fully rendered commissions is 2 weeks to 1 month at most.

  • If are not satisfied with the current time-frame, you may e-mail me to discuss a partial refund for the work not completed. Doing right by my clients is priority #1!  

Special Requests

  • If you wish to remain anonymous or have your commission private I will not post any work publicly without your consent.

  • If a piece of art needs to be removed due to irrelevance (divorced couple, personally sensitive, etc) let me know and we can discuss options.

  • I can work under a time constraint, such as for birthdays, weddings, etc etc.


  • Toony, squash and stretch, animated antics.

  • Cartoon slapstick and classic gags.

  • Clowns, circus themed.

  • Animal shaped anthro style (example: Zootopia)

  • Transformation

  • Positive themes, socially progressive stuff.

  • Gooey goopy sticky themes (paint, goo, food, tame guro, etc)

  • Chubby critters

  • Soft vore, guro, etc

  • I'm very confident with any species, fantasy game creatures, aliens, etc with proper reference!

  • ......etc etc Not sure if I'd draw something, ASK! 


  • Themes that perpetuate hate towards other groups or entities. This includes personal characters causing harm to other personal characters for revenge or social politics.   

  • Non-consensual, coercive themes. 

  • Hard fetish themes.

  • Hard drug use (Case by case).

  • Abuse to children or animals.

  • Basically, if it's illegal and/or abusive I will not draw it.

  • I'm not confident in photo-realism, mech, complicated architecture.

  • NOTE: Fetish material, drug use, and gore/violence are case by case. Again...if you are usure, please ASK!

Artists' & Clients' Image Rights

​I retain full copyright of all of my artwork, including commissions.

Fanart is NOT and never will be under copyright and thus more susceptible to distribution and copy-cat risks.   


All personal and commissioned original artwork that I am aware is in public circulation is protected under copyright law. 


All art that is unlicensed before each round of licensing is under a Creative Commons Licence. 


I am still the sole owner of the commissioned art, this does NOT mean I own the characters or idea depicted in the piece. You paid for the service, not the rights for commercial use.

As a commissioner, you understand that art is purchased for personal use and not for capital gain unless we have an agreement. 


As a commissioner, you are free to post to any personal site, art-blog, or the like as long as folks are referred to my e-mail address and website/Twitter so I am given proper credit. 


As a commissioner, you are free to crop your image for icons or banners. Any major edits or redrawing, recoloring, is strictly prohibited. You may color your sketches!  

Mass reproduction with the intention to sell, ie: stickers, prints, T-shirt, buttons, is strictly prohibited.

As the artist I reserve the right to use any and all commissions for personal art publications such as CD’s, artbooks, portfolios, and my own personal galleries. If you wish that I keep the commission from being distributed for my personal (free) projects please do so when applying for the commission.


Any art meant for capital gain for me will be created on my own, not commissions.   

99.9% of my art is NOT created for commercial use. Commercial art falls under a new set of rules, rights, and intentions and does NOT include fanart or trademarked characters (unless hired by the owners).  


If you wish to purchase the rights to an image please contact me and we will discuss your intentions with the piece and a percentage that would need to be paid.


Fanart/TM-character art  is NOT available for purchasing rights ever.

These are non-commercial services only! For inquiries about commercial work and freelance please e-mail me at

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