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Rough Sketch

Inked Sketch

Colored Sketch

Index card badge (4x3 in.)

Index card badge (6x4 in.)

Traditional media convention badges

$45 head, $65 bust, $85 fullbody


$40 ea. or $70 for two connecting ones! (Don Bluth styled most popular. Add $10 more for this option)

Headshots + Busts

Character Design + Sketch Pages

Character Design: $100 down for the 1st hr and $50 per additional hr. 

Sketch Page: $200 for a digital canvas full of casual doodles! No limit on cast size! 

*Livestream preferred for both types of commissions to ensure time accuracy.  

Model Sheets

$150 Simple: Front, back, three heads, written details, color key.

$250 Standard: All of the above plus one side view, couple of outfits, a few zoomed in details (paws, small details etc).

$350 Deluxe: All of the above plus a full turn around and a few dynamic poses. 

$500 Animator's Package:  All of the above plus a mouth chart. 

Full Render

Flat Color


More tidy, no shading. 

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Current rates and services

Please note: I'm not always open for all of these options! These are services I've provided and still provide from time to time as well as the rates I charge for each. Check my commission order form for available services. 

For inquiries about commercial and freelance work, please contact me directly at betsythebeaver@gmail.com for a quote and availability. These prices reflect fandom per diem prices only. 

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